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  1. European Schoolnet (legal name: EUN Partnership AISBL) maintains this public portal at www.eun.org and www.europeanschoolnet.org to inform the public, partners, teachers, stakeholders and others interested in European Schoolnet initiatives and projects. We strive to keep the information on this portal as accurate and timely as possible. If errors are brought to our attention (at info [at] eun [dot] org) we will correct them but we will accept no liability or responsibility whatsoever with regard the use of the information on this portal or any linked external sites. 
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  3. Several sections of this site make use of the latest RSS technologies to bring content from several third party websites of our projects/networks. European Schoolnet collects and formats this data. However use of this content may be subject to different copyright/terms of use. Please refer to the portal to which the service links, if you wish to use content from third party sites.
  4. EUN is not responsible or in any way liable for the contents of any document, information or materials (“materials”) which have been uploaded by Members or their representatives on to the website. It is the duty for each member to check the legality of such materials and, in particular to ensure, that they do not infringe any relevant law including copyright, privacy or data protection law whether at International, European or national level.
  5. The materials which are uploaded and stored on this site should not be communicated or shared with members outside of the community. However, the individual working groups forming part of the community may decide on the appropriate level of confidentiality for any materials which may be more or less restrictive than that stated above. Third party observers at working groups including invited experts, should be required by the chairman of the group, to sign a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement before participating in any working group forming part of this community.